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Product Details
Antifouling flash glue
Antifouling flash glue
Product Details

product manual:

Antifouling flash paint base glue is a newly developed silicone paint base glue for our company to make antifouling flash paint. After deployment, it can be stored in a sealed container for a long time and solidified by absorbing moisture in the air. Mainly used for external insulation on the surface of high-voltage line insulators.

Product Features:

1. Excellent water repellency and fast, balanced and long-lasting water repellency. The coating surface will not form a continuous water film under severe weather.

2. High anti-pollution flashover voltage, arc resistance, tracking resistance, and excellent electrical insulation.

3. High strength, high adhesion, corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and strong oxidant.

4. Ozone resistance, UV resistance, environmental aging resistance, no skin, no cracking.

5. In-situ molding, easy to use, meet the needs of on-site pollution prevention technical measures for power transmission and transformation equipment.

6. Long effective running time, simple maintenance, no cleaning during the valid period, high efficiency.

Technical Parameters:

1. Viscous colloid with uniform color and no obvious mechanical impurities and floc.

2.The moisture content of the base material is less than 300ppm.

3.The fineness is less than 30μm (using a scraper fineness meter)

4. Stability: The base material is processed into paint and stored in storage without physical delamination.

Packaging specifications and colors:

20L plastic drum (net weight 20kg); can be packed according to customer needs. Conventional colors are white and brown-red (colors can be customized according to customer requirements).

Storage and shelf life

This product is non-dangerous, please store it in a cool and dry place below 27 ℃, the validity period is 12 months.

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