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Cold Shrink Fittings
Cold Shrink Fittings
Product Details

Product name: RTV antifouling flash paint

Specification: 5KG / barrel

Product category: Anti-fouling flash paint

Product performance:

a) Significantly improve the pollution flashover voltage of power transmission and transformation equipment

b) This product has excellent insulation performance and a service life of up to 10 years

c) After the equipment is insulated and coated with this product, it does not affect the preventive test

d) This product can be dried within 30 minutes

e) This product is non-combustible, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and is a non-dangerous product.

Room Temperature Silicone Rubber (RTV) is an abbreviation for RTV anti-fouling flash coating. In recent years, it has been rapidly developed and widely used as a new technology and new material in China with its long-lasting, maintenance-free and other outstanding features.

In China, RTV coatings have undergone a multi-component, two-component, and single-component development process. After years of online operation, our company's single-component RTV long-acting anti-fouling flash paint products have excellent quality and are more than ten Each province and city has been applied, has nearly 10 years of successful operation experience, has been welcomed and praised by a large number of engineering technicians and workers, and has contributed to the safe and stable operation of the power system.

Based on a large number of experimental studies, our single-component long-lasting anti-fouling flash paint has the following characteristics:

a) This coating contains a white anti-arc additive.

b) This coating is a dealcoholic silicone rubber coating, which is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, and non-corrosive

c) The external insulation pollution flashover voltage of power transmission and transformation equipment has been greatly increased, and the resistance to pollution flashover voltage has reached 2.35 times as tested by the Electric Academy of Sciences. (Compared with unpainted porcelain bottles under the conditions of ash 2.0 and salt density 0.4)

d) It has good hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity. The surface of the coating does not swallow dirt after vulcanization, and it can transfer the hydrophobicity of the coating to the polluted surface.

e) Silicone rubber has the characteristics of ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and long aging life. The one-component silicone rubber antifouling flash coating also has these characteristics, which is unmatched by other antifouling flash coatings

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