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Product Details
PRTV antifouling flash paint
PRTV antifouling flash paint
Product Details

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The PRTV durable anti-fouling flash coating is added with nano-level high-insulation reinforcement materials, which makes it have high mechanical strength and adhesion, and can withstand strong weather erosion (such as areas in the tuyere, electric locomotives, etc.). The requirements for equipment maintenance pedaling, in the case of special and serious pollution (for example: due to a large amount of dusty pollution, although the coating is not ineffective, but the hydrophobicity is difficult to migrate to the polluted outer layer), the necessary water washing or cleaning can be performed. PRTV coating The mechanical properties of the layer can reach the strength of the umbrella skirt sheath material of synthetic insulators.

The polysiloxanes that make up the main chemical components of silicone rubber in PRTV's durable anti-fouling flash coatings are themselves hydrophobic. However, in order to solve the electrical requirements of creep resistance and arc extinguishing and cooling, an anti-arc agent must be added to the formula. I The company has added its own developed anti-arc agent, while the anti-arc agent in other RTV coatings is aluminum oxide, etc. Therefore, our company's PRTV durable coatings ensure the hydrophobic migration of PRTV coatings while ensuring high comprehensive performance. The performance is not lower than the original RTV, and it is equivalent to the synthetic insulator umbrella skirt jacket material in terms of the balance and durability of hydrophobic migration.

Performance characteristics:

There are many types of contamination and a wide range of uses.

Excellent water repellency and water repellency, which can greatly increase pollution flashover voltage.

Strong adhesion and resistance to acid and alkali, suitable for initial coating and overcoating of electric porcelain and glass surface.

Excellent self-cleaning ability, the dirt on the coating surface is easily washed away by rain or wind.

High strength, aging resistance, no skin, no cracking.

After the external insulation of power equipment is used, the preventive test methods and test results are not affected.

This product is safe to use and has no toxic side effects on the human body.

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