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Product Details
FDZ-10 field molding silicone rubber
FDZ-10 field molding silicone rubber
Product Details

product description

On-site molding silicone rubber silicone rubber fire blocking material is a new product successfully developed by our company according to GB23864-2009 standard, which has the characteristics of high fire resistance and low smoke output. This material is mainly used for plugging the holes of wires and cables to prevent the fire of wires and cables from spreading from the holes to adjacent rooms and reduce fire losses. Avoid the expansion of accidents. At the same time, it can prevent humid air from entering the cabinet. Reduce electrical equipment accidents caused by moisture or condensation. With flame retardant, smoke resistance, fire prevention, dustproof, heat conduction, insulation and other functions. Its life span can exceed 20 years.

Product performance

1. Fire resistance: Class 1 fire blocking material fire resistance ≥180min

2. Appearance: plastic solid with certain flexibility

3. Density: ≤ 2.0 × 10³ kg / m³

4. Water resistance and oil resistance: ≥ 3d without swelling

5. Corrosion resistance: ≥ 7d

6. Electrical insulation performance: Obtained the type test report of the quality inspection and test center for electrical equipment of the electric power industry. The test proved that the insulation effect exceeded 25kV / mm, and the actual use effect exceeded 20kV / mm.

7. Thermal conductivity: After the "density & thermal conductivity" test of the National Building Materials Testing Center, the thermal conductivity is 0.202 W / (mK), which is better than the thermal conductivity of fireproof mud and air.

Product application range

1. Plugging of holes:

(1) Inlet and outlet lines of various switch cabinets, control panels, power boxes and other electrical equipment pass through holes in the floor or partition wall.

(2) Channel sections or junctions corresponding to multi-segment power distribution devices.

(3) The cable passes through the hole in the floor or partition wall.

(4) The cable tray passes through the hole in the floor or partition wall.

(5) The gap between the busbar in the wall bushing and the wall bushing is blocked.

2. Plugging of cable outlets: cable outlets from cable rooms, cable tunnels, and cable trenches.

3. Blocking of elevator shafts, air-conditioning shafts and other pipeline shafts in high-rise buildings.

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