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Product Details
DZCS-300-60 drainage type electric cabinet dehumidifier
DZCS-300-60 drainage type electric cabinet dehumidifier
Product Details

product description

CS-300-60 series drainage type electric cabinet dehumidifier takes full advantage of the characteristics of easy condensation when the temperature difference is large, and generates a very low temperature on the built-in condensate surface of the product, so that the moisture in the air condenses on the condensate surface and is discharged out of the tank through the drainage hole. outer. Because the moisture in the electric cabinet is continuously reduced and discharged outside the cabinet, the humidity in the air in the cabinet is significantly reduced. Even if the ambient temperature changes, because the moisture in the air in the electric cabinet is very small, no condensation will occur. It fundamentally solves common humidity problems. After being put on the market, this series of products have been warmly welcomed by customers because of their excellent performance, small size, exquisite design and strong pertinence. It is an electric cabinet dehumidification product developed for the disadvantage of poor dehumidification effect of ordinary heating type dehumidifier.

Product parameters

1. Power input: AC220V, DC220V, 50Hz

2. Power: 60W

3. Display mode: 2 digital display

4. Humidity startup threshold: 65% (default)

5. Dehumidification capacity: 350ml / day (temperature 35 ℃, humidity 85% RH)

6. Drainage method: hose drainage

7. Applicable dehumidification space: 1-1.5m³

8. Dimensions: 165 * 130 * 68mm (width x height x thickness)

Scope of application

1. Suitable working temperature range: -15 ℃ -50 ℃

2. Suitable working humidity range: 40% -99% RH

3. Application: switchgear, exchange control cabinet, box transformer, terminal box, ring network cabinet

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