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Insulator dip coating
Insulator dip coating
Product Details

Due to the construction in the field, the high winds caused by the high-altitude environment and the spraying position are not easy to control, resulting in a lot of waste of paint and environmental pollution. To this end, our company introduces the automatic dip coating process and special equipment of PRTV coating to meet the requirements of key processes. It is suitable for the coating of various umbrella and various specifications of porcelain and glass disc suspension insulators. Adjustment, assembly flexibility, convenient operation, high production efficiency, etc.

The insulator dip coating process can not only ensure the high quality of the insulator coating, but also ensure the consistency of the quality of the insulator's PRTV coating, which greatly reduces VOC emissions and reduces the impact on the environment and the health of construction workers. Supporting production, no need for secondary packaging and secondary long-distance transfer, effectively reducing the overall cost of factory insulators.


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