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Product Details
Anti-flashover busbar insulation glue
Anti-flashover busbar insulation glue
Product Details

We are always based on the forefront of science and technology, committed to tracking the latest international products, and introduced the MDZ-6 type busbar flashover-proof insulation adhesive with international leading level.

l This product has excellent electrical insulation performance.

l Excellent tear resistance

l Good flame retardant and thermal conductivity

l Convenient and fast construction method (no need to disassemble the busbar)

l Package solution without dead space of discharge


l Prevent the occurrence of pollution flash, rain, condensation flashover;

l Effectively prevent personal injury and death caused by live bare bars;

l Prevent the corrosion of busbars caused by salt spray and harmful chemical gases;

l Insulation protection treatment of special electrical contacts;

l Prevent over-voltage electrical failure caused by single-to-ground short circuit;

l Prevent discharge failure caused by icicles and sticky snow;

l Prevent electrical failure caused by overlap of foreign objects.

We are based on solving the hidden dangers caused by the bareness of all busbars for users at one time. After spraying the insulation glue on each phase busbar, we cover the bolts with insulation boxes at each busbar contact to It will not affect the next disassembly and maintenance, and achieve insulation effect.



MDZ-6 anti-flashover busbar insulation adhesive has the following characteristics:

u Excellent corrosion resistance

The cured insulation coating has excellent chemical and electrochemical resistance, and is resistant to acids, alkalis, salts and most organic compounds. Can adapt to a variety of harsh climate and corrosive media environment.

u Unique surface properties

Has excellent electrical insulation performance

u Unique non-stick performance

Anti-dust adhesion, general dust can be automatically washed away by rain, and local stubborn stains can be adhered. You can restore the clean surface by simply wiping with a rag.

u Excellent physical and mechanical properties

The coating has excellent physical and mechanical properties: high adhesion, high hardness, high flexibility, high wear resistance, and impact resistance. Good adhesion and easy construction. The perfect combination of flexibility and hardness, which can withstand wear, impact and impact

u Heat and cold resistance

Withstands the test of extreme cold and extreme heat, it can be used normally in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 140 ° C without peeling, wrinkling, and cracking.

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