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Product Details
Nano self-cleaning coating
Nano self-cleaning coating
Product Details

This product has high light transmission, super hydrophobic self-cleaning performance, dustproof, antistatic, anti-condensation, waterproof marks, waterproof printing. When water comes into contact with the self-cleaning paint, it can spread quickly on its surface to form a uniform water film, and the stain is taken away by the gravity drop of the uniform water film.


1. High light transmittance: The nano-scale super-hydrophobic coating is colorless and transparent, with high light transmittance, it does not affect the photoelectric transmission at all.

2. Excellent anti-static and anti-dust effect: Nano self-cleaning anti-static coating has excellent anti-dust and anti-sand effect.

3. Extraordinary self-cleaning function: The nano-superhydrophobic coating can keep beautiful for a long time and exert self-cleaning effect for a long time; the super-hydrophobic property does not need manual cleaning, self-washing with rain water, and the pollutants can fall off in the case of rain.

4. Rapid super-hydrophobic: immediate effect after coating, natural drying after painting, no need for high temperature or auxiliary drying.

5. Prevent dew condensation: greatly inhibit the condensation of photovoltaic glass.

6. The applied coating has high stability, aging resistance and erosion resistance, which can help solar glass to maintain stable self-cleaning and anti-fouling performance in outdoor applications for a long time.

7. Durable: As long as the nano-film layer is not damaged (such as artificial hard wear, drug corrosion, pollutants covering the film layer, organic harmful substances seeping out of the wall, etc.), the effect will not diminish, and theoretically it is semi-permanent Sexual.

8. Good flatness.

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