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Benefits of spraying antifouling flash paint

Issuing time: 2018-05-25 23:12

Anti-fouling flash coating is the most commonly used coating in the electric power industry. Due to its unique water-repellent and hydrophobic migration properties, anti-fouling flash coating can prevent pollution flash after use on power insulators. Accidents are an indispensable and irreplaceable coating for the power industry. They are widely used, no-clean, no-maintenance, and long service life are the special characteristics of current anti-fouling flash coatings.

Generally under severe weather conditions, flashovers will occur along the surface of wet insulators, which will cause pollution flashover accidents in power systems. Pollution flashes threaten the safety and stable operation of the entire power system, and the light ones affect local power supply, while the heavy ones will have a large impact on the power grid, and even crack the entire power grid. Therefore, the impact of pollution flash on the power supply system has caused great losses to the national economy, and anti-fouling flash paint has been developed to avoid this now. In fact, some natural pollution on the surface of electric porcelain of outdoor equipment in general power systems is actually inevitable, and generally with the vigorous development of our national economy, some atmospheric pollution is becoming increasingly serious, so the pollution sources in some places are actually Both are constantly increasing, and the salt density range has actually increased year by year. On the contrary, in fact, the general porcelain insulation configuration is generally low, and the lines are increasing year by year. Some anti-pollution flashing professionals are actually too few, so generally consider the operation of overvoltage and some uncomfortable climate changes. , Bird damage, and other non-human factors, the possibility of some pollution flashes will actually be greater. At the same time, this puts forward some higher requirements for operation and maintenance.

The hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity of antifouling flash coatings are actually a key to significantly improving the level of pollution flashover voltage. Generally, the coating is applied on the surface of the electric porcelain, and a layer of adhesive film will be formed after curing. In addition, the adhesive film generally has excellent hydrophobicity under clean conditions, and when the surface layer of the adhesive film is covered with dirt, the small molecular hydrophobic groups in the adhesive film can quickly pass through the dirt layer and migrate to the dirt layer. Surface, so that the surface of the soiled layer can also have excellent water repellency. And generally, under some conditions such as fog, dew, drizzle, and other humid climates, in fact, it is generally difficult to wet the surface of some dirt layers, and if the dirt layers are wetted for a long time, the surface of these dirt layers will not be wet. A water stream or a water film is formed, but a plurality of discontinuous small water droplets exist independently, so in fact, the leakage current is greatly suppressed, and the pollution flashover voltage of the insulator can be significantly increased.

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