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Basic requirements for spraying antifouling paint on substations

Issuing time: 2018-05-25 23:06

Basic requirements for spraying antifouling paint on substations

1 Basic requirements for RTV (PRTV) anti-fouling flash paint

1.1 RTV (PRTV) antifouling flash coating on insulator surfaces has become an important measure to prevent pollution flashovers in power transmission and transformation equipment. The technical conditions of RTV (PRTV) antifouling flash coatings should comply with Coatings "(DL / T627-2012).

1.2 The RTV (PRTV) coating should pass the type test by the authoritative department, the trial operation in compliance with relevant regulations, and the appraisal or review by the State Grid Corporation of China, the China Power Union or a qualified authoritative authority or unit organization commissioned by it, The Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences or Wugao Institute is generally required to have a test report.

1.3 When RTV (PRTV) coatings are prototyped or produced normally, RTV (PRTV) products need to pass three types of tests, trial operation and review when changing the raw material formula and process.

1.4 The manufacturer shall be required to provide a factory inspection report for the RTV (PRTV) coating produced in batches.

Selection and acceptance

(1) RTV (PRTV) coating manufacturers should have a complete quality assurance system and pass the ISO9000 quality system certification.

(2) For the first time, the products of anti-fouling flash paint manufacturers should pass the network access test and qualification examination of the anti-fouling flash paint laboratory designated by Huazhong Power Grid Co., Ltd.

(3) When receiving products, the operation and maintenance unit shall check the relevant information provided by the manufacturer, and shall conduct sampling tests on a batch basis (Note: refers to the production batch of the supplier), and according to routine test items and methods. If a test fails, the batch of product should be rejected.

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