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Application and role of RTV, PRTV single-component insulator anti-fouling flash coating

Issuing time: 2018-04-16 10:38

As the safety awareness of the power system is getting higher and higher, the slogan of the national power system is gradually changed to: "no copper leakage, no exposed wires". It can be seen that the power system attaches great importance to this problem. As power people, we The first purpose is to ensure the safety of the power system and ensure the safe and efficient delivery of power transmission and transformation nationwide. If any accident occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable and the responsibility is great, so we must Strengthen the issue of anti-pollution flashover. It is also the most important issue for electricians.

Brief introduction of pollution flash: The external insulation surface of power equipment will gradually accumulate dirt during operation. Under climatic conditions such as fog, dew, drizzle, and melting snow, the insulation strength of the external insulation of electrical porcelain will drop sharply, which may occur under operating voltage. Flashing along the surface, causing dirty flashes. Pollution flashovers have a low reclosing success rate, and may even cause the malignant failure of the conductors to land. The severity of the accidents caused is inestimable. At the same time that China's power grids are developing towards large power grids and high voltages, the problem of pollution flashovers in the system has become increasingly prominent. In 1990, large-scale pollution flashovers occurred in the North China Power Grid: in 1996, large-scale pollution flashovers occurred in the East China Power Grid, and in 2001, large-scale and pollution flashovers occurred in the Liaoning, North China and Henan power grids. In recent years, due to economic development and changes in environmental conditions, pollution flashovers have occurred frequently and spread widely. Pollution flashovers can cause large-scale, long-term power outages, often bring a lot of inconvenience to people's lives, and cause serious economic losses to the national economy.

At present, the anti-pollution flashover measures of the power system mainly include adjusting the creep distance, replacing synthetic insulators, increasing the cleaning period, and applying hydrophobic coatings. Replacing synthetic insulators and adjusting the creep distance require a relatively large economic investment, and there is no good way for the external insulation equipment of the substation. Increasing the sweep cycle requires power outages on the one hand, high labor intensity on the other hand, and economic investment on the other hand. .

Tsinghua University began researching and developing anti-fouling flash coatings for hydrophobic coatings in 1986; RTV hydrophobic long-lasting anti-fouling coatings were developed. This achievement has won national awards many times. Recently, based on the original foundation, the product has been widely improved, and RTV water repellent long-lasting anti-fouling flash paint with various specifications has been developed. In 2002, it passed the testing test of the China Electric Power Research Institute. This product has the following characteristics:

l Applicable to various contaminated areas, and has achieved successful operation experience, without cleaning porcelain for at least 5 years after use (currently the longest history of safe operation has reached 17 years>).

l It has excellent water-repellent and hydrophobic migration properties for various kinds of pollution.

l Excellent electrical insulation performance.

l Strength island with strong adhesion and strong self-cleaning ability.

l Corrosion resistance, aging, no skin, no cracking.

l Easy to use, the equipment can be put into use after spraying.

2 technical indicators

The main technical indicators of this product are better than DL / T627-1997 "Technical Conditions for Normal Temperature Cured Clay Rubber Antifouling Flash Coatings for Power Systems"

3. Application Notes

This product is an anti-pollution flash coating for various voltage grade electric porcelain or glass insulators, which can significantly improve the pollution resistance of the external insulation of (direct) flow electrical equipment. Electrical equipment for power transmission and transformation.

4 Benefit Analysis

This is an effective low-input, high-reliability anti-pollution flash technology measure. The use environment includes various voltage levels, various pollution areas and various pollution sources along the coast and inland. The economic and social benefits produced after use are very significant.

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