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Several issues that should be paid attention to in preventing pollution flashover

Issuing time: 2018-04-16 10:37

(1) Focus on periodic cleaning and comprehensively adopt a variety of anti-pollution measures. If the use of synthetic insulators is gradually promoted in some heavily polluted areas, anti-fouling coatings can be sprayed on the surface of porcelain insulators for sections that cannot be replaced temporarily to extend the cleaning cycle. On the basis of manual cleaning, the number of times that the working vehicle is washed with charged water is increased to improve the anti-pollution flashover ability of the insulator.

(2) gradually promote the use of points and areas. Because there are many domestic manufacturers of anti-fouling flash coatings, the quality is uneven. Before choosing, you must first check the quality. Refer to "Technical Conditions for Normal Temperature Cured Silicone Rubber Anti-fouling Flash Coatings for Power Systems" to check. Whether the flashover paint can adapt to the environmental characteristics of the region, some different types of heavily polluted sections can be selected for testing, such as dust-type pollution areas, acid air pollution areas, and coastal salinity pollution areas. Then select some rods or groups of soft spans from different heavily polluted areas, spray antifouling paint on the surface of the insulator, and conduct tests separately to promote them according to the test results. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the coating process when using anti-pollution coatings. Before application, the insulators must be wiped clean to remove oil stains on the surface, and the thickness of the coating must be uniform without leaking, dripping, or drawing. Because the coating of wood causes leakage coating, conductive impurities are mixed in the coating, and the coating peels, it can not only improve the external insulation level of the equipment. Hidden equipment safety hazards will also be formed.

(3) With accurate technical data as the standard and scientific testing as the basis, the test insulators must be closely monitored and tracked. Among them, two data should be paid attention to: the first is the detection of the density of the attached salt. From the initial state to the next cleaning cycle, the content of salt density on the surface of the insulator must be recorded in detail. Through the detection and comparison of the salt density at different periods, the critical value of the salt density that the insulator needs to be cleaned is determined. The effect of antifouling paint; the second is the test record of insulator breakdown voltage. Every time a maintenance cycle is performed, the test insulator is subjected to a breakdown test. The data is compared with that of an insulator without antifouling paint and a clean insulator. Compared. After summing up and analyzing, find out the cleaning cycle suitable for the area. In other words, it is necessary to speak with scientific data and prove it by repeated experiments.

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